A history steeped in manufacturing tradition

Lanco Integrated has a long and diverse manufacturing tradition starting back in the 19th century in the village of Langendorf, Switzerland, located on the eastern edge of the Swiss watchmaking region. There, in 1873, the Langendorf Watch Company was founded to produce watches under the Lanco name.

As the watchmaking industry grew, so did the need for interchangeable parts that were introduced into the industry in the early 20th century. To meet the demand, Langendorf established a machine-building department to develop innovative ways to assemble watches. One of the methods used to build watches in small batches was called the Lanco Economic, a unique device that used a conveyor to enhance production efficiency. This was the predecessor to the pallet transfer system used by Lanco Integrated today.

In the early 1970s, with the advent of low cost high quality electronic watches, many Swiss companies exited the business, including Langendorf Watch Company.

An enterprising salesman from Lanco purchased the machine-building group of the company and established Lanco AG in Bellach, Switzerland, in 1981. As the company grew, it sought a larger presence in the United States. In 1990 Lanco AG purchased Nu-TEC Corporation of Scarborough, Maine, which started as assembly and automation group specializing in plastic assemblies but had evolved to a leading designer and builder of assembly lines in other industries, some of which used pallet transfer systems manufactured by Lanco AG.

The new Lanco/Nu-TEC Corporation quickly established itself in the automotive and cosmetic industries, eventually changing its name to Lanco Assembly Systems (LAS) in 1993 and moving to headquarters in Westbrook, Maine, years later.

The new century has seen dramatic growth in the company, starting in 2001 when the LAS management team purchased a majority of the company from Lanco AG in a management buyout. A year later the Lanco group introduced the 2002 pallet transfer system, a signature product.

To meet a growing demand for its products worldwide, Lanco Asia was formed in Hong Kong in 2008, supplying multinational customers with access to LAS’s manufacturing and service expertise worldwide. An office in Shanghai was later added to enhance service for customers in Asia.

As growth continued, employees of LAS purchased ownership in the company and LAS began its journey as a 100% employee owned company in 2009, a signature event that defines Lanco’s unique commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. When customers work with Lanco, they work directly with owners, who understand the value of the customer.

In 2013, LAS solidified its presence in European markets by acquiring OKU of Winterbach, Germany, a pioneer of automatic cam based assembly machines founded in Stuttgart over 60 years ago. OKU is a renowned supplier to the automotive, medical, consumer and electronics industries, with over 6,000 system deployments worldwide.

In 2015, as part of a global expansion plan, LAS announced the integration of all its companies under a single name and brand — Lanco Integrated. Today, Lanco Integrated offers a worldwide design, sales, manufacturing, and service network that empowers global assembly for you, our customer.